Energy Assistance Program

to allow processing time, all applications should be submitted no later than May 1st, 2014

Summer Cooling Program begins June 9th, 2014 -- details coming soon -- please contact OVO if you need to make changes or updates to your household information.

Due to staffing restricions, until further notice, all appointments will be scheduled for the Madison office location.  Households from
Jennings and Scott counties may opt to travel to Madison OR submit an application by mail or fax by following the instructions below

The Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a program that provides a one time payment to qualified households' winter heating and/or summer cooling bill. To qualify the household income must be at or below 150% of the OMB Poverty Guidelines.

Energy Assistance 2013-2014 Poverty Guidelines



Size Month Year
1 $1,436.25 $17,235
2 $1,938.75 $23,265
3 $2,441.25 $29,295
4 $2,943.75 $35,325
5 $3,446.25 $41,355
6 $3,948.75 $47,385
7 $4,451.25 $53,415
8 $4,953.75 $59,445
  for each additional person, add $6,030 per year

OVO will begin accepting applications for the winter heating season November 4, 2013. Households residing in Jefferson, Jennings, and Scott Counties may schedule an appointment by calling 1-877-782-5882 or 812-265-5882; or you may download the application and instructions available below.  Please read the "Instructions for Application" carefully to determine what additional forms you will need to print and complete based on your household situation.  Incomplete applications cannot be processed.


Downloadable forms:

Fax/Mail application and all required documentation.

Fax: 812-273-2604
P.O. Box 625
Madison, IN 47250



Items you need to send in with the application:

1. Proof of Income - ANY and ALL income received in past 12 months MUST be reported

                                           DO NOT SEND 1099's or W-2's
  • Employment (most recent check stub,showing GROSS YEAR TO DATE, if employed less than 12 months must also have Wage Transcript/Voucher History from WorkOne)
  • TANF (printout from caseworker for past 12 months)
  • Social Security / SSDI/SSI (bank statement, award letters or copy of most recent benefit check)
  • Alimony (court papers)
  • Self-Employment (need current 1040, Schedule C, Schedule SE, Schedule F, Schedule E)
  • Cash jobs (complete Income Verification Form - must also have Wage Transcript/Voucher History from WorkOne)
  • Unemployment Income (Wage Transcript/Voucher History from the WorkOne/Department of Workforce Development portal online)
  • Veterans Disability or Veterans Pension (Award Letter or bank statement)
  • Pension Funds (Award Letter, copy of recent check/stub or bank statement)
  • Interest and Royalties
  • Insurance Benefits and Annuities Severance Pay
  • Rental Income (if you own rental property - most recent tax return showing claim of rental income, if not claimed on taxes contact EAP office for further instruction)
  • Strike Benefits (check stubs)
  • Black Lung Payments (Award Letter)


Anyone 18 years of age and older with ZERO income, OR anyone who has had more than one employer or gaps in employment in past 12 months,  must get a wage transcript and voucher inquiry printout from the employment office and sign a Zero Income Form and Income Verification Form. 

2. Gas/Electric Bill - bill MUST show billing name, service address and account number - and must be recent (issued within the last 60 days)

3. Landlord Affidavit - anyone who rents MUST have this form completed by their landlord.  Leases will NOT be accepted

4. Home Ownership - anyone who owns their home MUST show proof of ownership (property tax statement, mortgage statement, homeowners insurance, purchase contract, etc)

For additional information about enrollment contact: Julie Marshall, Energy Assistance Program Manager or Amanda McFarland, Energy Assistance Program Assistant

Office hours  are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Please see below for the location, hours and contact information for your county office.  Please use ONLY the listed phone number for each location. 

Appointment lines open Monday - Friday 8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.


Jefferson County Office:

Jennings County Office:

425 Walnut Street Jennings County clients seen in Madison Office
(downtown Madison, behind Salvation Army)  
Madison, IN 47250 877-782-5882
Open: Monday - Thursday  8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.  

Scott County Office:


Scott County clients seen in Madison office